Reincarnation and Regressive therapy or Past Lives Therapy

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What are and what can you expect from past lives regressions

reincarnation, regressive therapy, past lives therapy


Among all the new therapy forms that exist, there is one that is particularly interesting, the regressive therapy, transpersonal therapy, or past lives therapy. The regressive therapies are ways of accessing to the subconscious knowledge of past lives.

Before being born we are fully aware of our previous lives, of what we learned and of what we lack to experience and to learn, and although when being born we forget all this, before being born we use that knowledge to choose the country, the race, the social condition, the parents and all that we need to continue advancing in our spiritual road.

The regressive therapy works with the spiritual emergency situations, that is to say with those situations in which a person begins to feel uncomfort with the life that he is living. In that cases a situation of spiritual imbalance takes place.

When a regression to past lives is carried out, the individual is taken to a modified state of conscience from which he can be connected with his past.

The simplest question that anyone that knows that the regressive therapies exist is: What’s the use of knowing about the past?

And the answer is that much of what happens to us today, many of the conflicts that we cannot solve, have origin in previous lives as consequence of the karma and of our need of spiritual evolution.

Each one of our lives is like a stay in a school, where we have the opportunity to learn and to progress, or where we should return if we don’t learn the lesson.

When we face certain situations that we are not capable to overcome, they come to us again and again, until we can learn the corresponding lesson. And for this reason, since much of what we live today is already the repetition of situations lived in previous incarnations, if we know this information, we have more possibilities to solve the topic in this life.

Of course that many people face the reincarnation or the past lives regressions topic as a mere curiosity, but in fact, the regressive therapies are an opportunity for the spiritual growth, to be able to know us better, and to have a better life.

The regression therapy is in fact a therapy that involves the dense physical body, the astral or emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body, it is a holistic way of healing.

By means of the past lives regressions, you can return to a moment in time previous to your birth, or to your first year’s memories, and even to memories belonging to your gestation moments.

For the above said the regressions imply to return to experiences already had, and to live them almost as if they were happening right now.

With the regression therapy, we leave the here and now in search of the blocked memories, that can help us to find the answer and solution of the present problems.

The first time that is carried out a regression therapy, the fellow generally finishes asking or wondering to itself: Is this real, or did I simply invent everything?

The reiteration of the regressions, usually brings more security and increases the capacity of relating the experienced with what one lives today, and in that way you can diminish the fears and the obsessions.

Of course that not all that has happened to us before will be pleasant!

But the only important thing when facing unpleasant memories of past lives, it is to know that the karma makes us responsible for what will happen with our life from now on, and although we are those that should pay for our errors of the past, in no way we should feel responsible for that we did before.

All the psychology works with the idea that the unconscious conserves a lot of traumatic information that can modify and improve our existence, if we can find the way of bringing it to the conscience, and a regressive therapy, work over the same supposition.

Will a regressions therapy allow us to have a life without conflicts?
The life without conflicts doesn’t exist, the problems arise every day and they are unavoidable.

For that reason the idea is not to carry out the past lives regressions as a way of living without problems, but rather the regressive therapy can sometimes help us to solve problems, and sometimes to cohabit with them without becoming bitter.

When a person is relaxed and enjoying life, it doesn’t question neither wonders the reasons why he is living in that situation, we only do it when we are sad, depressed, frustrated, aching, grief-stricken, etc.

Only when we suffer we question ourselves and ask to ourselves: why is this happening to me? and in the moment that this question appears, it is when it arises our learning and spiritual growth possibility.

For the law of the karma, the life that we presently live, is the consequence of what we did in the past, while presently we go sowing the seeds of what will happen to us in the future.

Many of the conflicts lived in previous lives, are manifested again as phobias and fears of all type, illnesses, addictions, depressions, anxiety, nutritious disorders, problems to get couple, and all type of emotional and family conflicts.

The regression therapy enlarges our capacity to understand the present based on the events of the past, and lowers our blame feelings and anxiety levels.

It’s not necessary to question yourself why you should practice a past lives regression, because as I have commented before it can simply be for curiosity. Who feels blocked or surpassed by the daily problems, can obtain good profit from a regressive therapy.

Those who want to know more about themselves, about what you have experienced in the past, and the reasons why on the present life your are living what you are living, a past lives therapy or a series of past lives regressions, can be highly illustrative.

Many people fear to carry out a past lives regression because they have mistaken ideas regarding what can happen to them during a session, and for this reason it is convenient to highlight some points.

The subject of a past lives regression, never loses his conscience, he knows where he is and with whom he is speaking, although at the same time he is living previous incarnations situations

At the same time that you listen to the voice that guides you in a regression, the sounds of the daily life are listened too.

The fellow is in an Alpha state, a modified conscience state that takes place as consequence of the relaxation, and inside his mind he can see images as if he was dreaming or he can imagine things just as he does on any day.

Depending on what is revived, you can feel emotions, but you don´t suffer, or at least not more than what you suffer when you go to the cinema and watch a drama, since you know that you are not living what you are reviving. You know that you are related with the history but you live it as a spectator. On the other hand, the emotions that the regressions generate are always healers.

The deep levels of the hypnosis are not used, because in order to obtain profit from the experience, the patient should be conscious

A past lives regression is carried out by means of a relaxation with guided visualizations

You can use the Alpha sound or relaxing music, but it is not required any other thing to condition the atmosphere.

The person can decide to finish with the exercise in any moment

The therapist guides the person through his memories so that the fellow is who finds the answers and the healing that he is looking for

Not all the sessions are equally developing, but they provide you with the base for future sessions from which you will obtain more understanding

Nobody knows how much time it takes to return to this life, this is different for each one and it has to do with the road and the spiritual evolution of each one.

The spiritual road is a groupal road, we carry out our spiritual evolution accompanied by a series of souls that evolve together with us and among which karmic debts and special likeness exist.

Sometimes one comes as another person’s son, and in the following life he can return as father or as couple or friend, with the same sex or with different sex, but in some way the relationship is perpetuated in time, giving us again and again the opportunity to learn and to evolve.

And this is this way because the love doesn’t know the barrier of the death, when you love someone, you will find him again and again in this life and in the following ones, in this dense physical plane and in the superior planes.

The tool with which are carried out the past lives regressions, is the relaxation.

The relaxation allows to enter in a state of cerebral frequency that is specially suitable for the free associations of the unconscious.

This way, diving in the unconscious, you can end up discovering the unresolved traumatic episodes, that produce physical tensions and pathologies on life after life.

And the word regression means textually to return, not necessarily implies to return to a previous life, it can simply be to return to an experience in the first years of this life, to an intra-uterine experience, or something much more recent in time. Our subconscious is in fact who decides what is its that we need to remember in order to heal.

The regressions therapies embrace the human being as a whole, that is to say that it is a holistic boarding (that considers the physical body, the emotional body, the mind and the soul) reason why it can be registered within the Transpersonal Psychology, but not within the religions or dogmatic beliefs systems.

And as it is not a religion, the patient can practice it which ever are his spiritual beliefs.

Some people achieve their benefits with only a couple of sessions, but an entire series of regressions is generally needed to achieve results. Any way, this probably is one of the techniques with which quicker results are achieved.

There isn’t a unique answer for this question, since the regression experiences are extremely varied, but we can say that the most frequent experiences imply:

to get in contact with spiritual guides

to remember past lives

to remember things happened in the first years of this life

to remember things that happened while our mother was gestating us, like for example what was our parents thought about our arrival to the world

to make contact with died people

to heal

to see our body from the outside

to revive last deaths and this way lose the fear to the death

to say goodbye to people died with which we had left pending things

In fact there aren’t universally accepted conclusions about who should and who should not undergo to a regression, but the common sense indicates that they should be avoided by:

The small children

The minor that don’t carry out the exercises accompanied by their parents

The pregnant women

The psychotic and people that suffer from altered mental states

Those that have cardiovascular problems

The epileptic ones

There are many that affirm that the regressive therapies memories are nothing more than fantasies guided by the therapists, and that in fact we remember things that we never did.

By the middle of the eighty, a great polemic was generated in the United States, when a wave of people began to recover memories of infantile sexual abuses at the hands of their parents.

The lawyers made very good business with this, but many honest accused parents grouped and denounced that all that information was only garbage created in the mind of the patients by the therapists. That is to say that things that never happened where remembered as real.

There are no doubts that the mind has an incredible capacity to retain information along time, and that this information is not affected by the death of people, since the mind is not housed in the brain, neither it belongs to the physical body, but rather it is a body with its own identity, that is in a superior level of existence, and that is denominated Manas.

But it is also true that incompetent, dogmatic or hipper-ideologic therapists, can guide the creation of complete scenarios that never existed.

As consequence of this, today there are legions of people that believe to remember many sad things that never happened, and being in all the cases things supposedly carried out IN THIS LIFE and not in past lives.

In fact all therapy leans on in two fundamental beliefs

the patient must think that the therapist can help him

the therapist must think that he is able to help the patient

These two beliefs are in fact more important than the information that arises in the regressions to past lives.

In what concerns to the memories induced by incompetent or unscrupulous therapists, the Spanish Association of Regressive Techniques named Anatheoresis has said that the regressive techniques are without a doubt among the most useful therapies in the treatment of people with psychological and/or organic conflicts but in order to achieve the benefits, the therapists should take care of not inculcating any belief to the patients, and not to carry out the exercises with unconscious people.

Many investigators believe that in fact more than with past incarnations, we connect ourselves with memories present in the collective unconscious. Others believe that in all the regression sessions, we can meet with a percentage of real memories blended with fantasies, but the important thing it is not if the memories where real or fantasies, but that our unconscious through those experiences, is expressing himself in such a way, that you can derive healing effects from the sessions.

Neither it is important with which life the patient is connected, and in general terms it is not possible to consciously choose with which life we want to connect ourselves. Again it will be our inner mind, the one that will guide us wisely to the memories or fantasies that we need for our spiritual growth and emotional unblocking.

Concluding the regressive therapies should not be approached as a mere entertainment that can be carried out in any way, but rather they should be approached seriously as a means of personal improvement and spiritual growth.

If you want to carry out your own experiences without running the risk of being induced by inexpert professionals you can do it with the Terapia de vidas pasadas CD
Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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Past Lives & Soul Mates

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Soul mates of your past lives, your present and your future

love, couple, ideal couple, looking for couple, soul mate


We are here in the earth for the purpose of growing and developing our consciousness, and some of the people that we meet on our lives are more conducive to growth than others.

This is the main reason why we must choose carefully or companions and couples, because the impact is most powerful in a marriage relationship, where the union should be founded over the capacity to help each other growth, and a shared purpose in life.

As souls we experience our spiritual growth in consciousness through a series of lifetimes on the earth, in companionship with a particular group of souls, with whom we have close personal relationships.

Feeling a very strong attraction to someone we just met is a sign that we have found a soul mate, someone that we have loved before on a previous life, and this covers all kind of relationships and degrees of love.

Often, we are attracted to a particular person as our romantic couple, because we have had such a relationship at least once before. And marriage relationship is one great avenue for development, although this is not to say that important spiritual growth is impossible without marriage.

The essential nature of the soul mates is that those two people that have loved each other before, compliment each other. What one lacks, the other tends to bring out, and vice versa. And for their souls to grow, they only need to be themselves to help each other at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

But to attract your soul mate you need first to work on your own soul, and this involves giving up your ego.

Instead of looking for the person that’s going to make you happy for ever, you must have a willingness to love your couple in a way that no one else can, and this will attract your soul mate as the honey attracts the bees.

Your love must be based on who you and your couple are at the soul level, and not on what you do, how much money you have, what you look like, how you think (or any other of the myriad of advices that love magazines give). You need to be able to perceive what’s lovable in everyone, without pre-requisites.

I think that many of those that can’t find their soul mates, know at a subconscious level the ego sacrifices which must be made, in order to bring their soul mate into their life, and that’s why they avoid the encounter.

There’s a great quote that I would like to share with you, because I agree with it:

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved”

William Jennings Bryan

A soul mate is a person with whom you can communicate on the deepest level. When you meet that someone, that can touch and warm your deepest level, who just loves what you are and not what you do, you have found a soul mate.

But not everyone marries a soul mate. You can find a soul mate and only be his best friend, because as a matter of fact, the soul doesn’t care about sex or marriage, all that it wants is the company and the help to grow, that other like minded soul can give him.

I know that all around us there’s a quest for THE soul mate, but forget that idea, there isn’t ONLY ONE soul mate in the world for each one of us, there are MANY!

And you can even start a soul mate relationship on this life, working both of you over your egos, and all that you need to accept, is that you both are lovable for what you are, that you are different, and that is precisely this difference what attracted you.

It could be terribly boring to get married with a mirror of your self. And it’s not so terrible to accept that you are different from one another, when you can realize that you are also different from EVERYONE ELSE, that you are both unique and meant to be happy together.

If you are single and would like to find your soul mate, once you become the person you should become-self-sufficient, self-confident and self-worthy-you will open start broadcasting the energy that will attract to you your soul mate.

Finding the soul mate seems to be everyone’s major pastime lately. But even if you find it, that does not guarantee a good marriage, you two still have to work together over your egos in order to grow your relationship. No one is suited exactly in the beginning.

And remember that this life is your future’s past life, you can start your story of love today, and enjoy it life after life from now on. Start being someone’s soul mate, and then you will find that the person that you love, is also YOUR soul mate.

If you need help to do it, you can use my CD: “Pareja Ya!” that’s a CD created to help you attract your soul mate.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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Life After Death Revealed

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What kind of life we have after death

life after death, past lives, regressions

The life after death, is the kind of life that we have between our incarnations.

Much has being said about this, as if it where only one kind of life after death for every one, but in fact what happens after each life, is an individual experience and personnel for each one.

Viewing it from the point of view of the regressions therapy, there is something that is desirable to highlight and it is that dedicating part of the time of a regression session to the space between lives, usually produces peace and a pleasure sensation, when the subject can experience the traffic from one life to the other, and the nonexistence of the death for the soul.

The literature that usually exists about the life after death, leans on the testimonies of those individuals that have gone through an experience of past lives therapy, and it should not be taken with any religious connotation, although it presents similarities with common beliefs in Asia.

The space between lives is as an eddy moment, in which conclusions can be obtained about the experiences spent in a previous life just remembered, and this conclusions facilitate the growth and the healing.

Life after death is also the environment where you can experience encounters with dear beings already deceased, and with spiritual teachers, of which one can obtain valuable orientation, that allows us to know the reason of characteristic situations of our present life.

The conclusions that are obtained with the meditation about the life after death, can help us understand the origin of our likes, difficulties, fears, phobias and blockades; reason why this is par excellence a recovery space.

In many lives the spiritual development process is accompanied by deep suffering, and it is in fact the space between lives, when we can heal and make profit form such experiences.

The things that more frequently are experienced in the space between lives are:

Peace sensations

Loss of death fear

Celestial visions

Beautiful landscapes

Wisdom sensation



Encounter with dear beings

Encounter with beings of superior intelligence or spiritual teachers

More wisdom to understand the likes and aversions that we have in this life

More wisdom to understand the after death life experiences lived

Encounter the sense of our existence

Healing experiences

In fact the meditation on the life after death is a fascinating experience, beyond if it is a real experience, a connection with the collective unconscious, or an imaginative situation, that our inner mind wisely creates to help us heal and evolve.

Those who live this experience, usually live it as real and as a pleasant state, where they heal the wounds and the understanding flourishes, and I believe that this is what should be rescued of this experience.

To practice a past life regression and the life after death you can use the CD Terapia de vidas pasadas

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

You will find all that you need to know about, self help, stress control, weight control, stop smoking, mind control, relax, motivation and meditation with subliminal messages at Dr. Bonomi’s web site: and you can post free your own articles, or find free articles for your web site or ezine at

Las Vidas Pasadas Y La Pareja Del Alma

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Todos estamos aqui en La Tierra con el propósito de crecer y desarrollar nuestra consciencia, y algunas de las personas con las cuales nos encontramos a lo largo de nuestra vida, pueden ayudarnos a crecer más que otras..

Esta es la principal razón por la cual debemos elegir cuidadosamente nuestros amigos y especialmente nuestras parejas, ya que el impacto es más poderoso en una relación de matrimonio, donde la unión debe basarse en la capacidad de ayudar al otro a crecer compartiendo propositos comunes para la vida.
Como almas, experimentamos nuestro crecimiento espiritual de la consciencia a traves de una serie de encarnaciones en La Tierra, acompañados por un cierto grupo de almas junto a las cuales evolucionamos, y con las cuales tenemos relaciones personales cercanas.

El sentir una muy fuerte atracción hacia alguien que acabamos de conocer, es un síntoma de que nos hemos encontrado con una pareja del alma, alguien con quien nos hemos amado ya en una vida anterior, y esta idea abarca toda clase de relaciones y grados de amor.

A menudo, somos atraídos hacia una determinada persona como nuestra pareja romántica, porque ya hemos vivido esa clase de relación en una o más vidas previas. Y una relación de matrimonio, es una gran avenida hacia el desarrollo personal, aunque no quiero implicar con esto que el desarrollo espiritual sea imposible sin casarse.

La naturaleza esencial de las parejas del alma es que esas dos personas que se han amado antes se complementan. Lo que a uno le falta lo posee el otro, y vice versa. Y para que sus almas puedan crecer, ellos olo necesitan ser ellos mismos y ayudarse en el plano físico, mental y espiritual.


Pero para poder atraer a una pareja del alma, primero se necesita trabajar sobre nuestra propia alma, y esto involucra renunciar a nuestro ego.

En vez de buscar la persona que te va a hacer feliz por el resto de tu vida, debes poseer la disposición de amar a tu pareja en tal forma como nadie más lo pueda hacer, y esto atraerá a tu pareja del alma, así como la miel atrae a las abejas.

Tu amor debe estar fundamentado en quién eres tú y quién es tu pareja en el nivel del alma, y no en lo que hace, cuánto dinero posee, su apariencia, que es lo que piensan (o la miríada de consejos que dan las revista del corazón). Tú necesitas ser capaz de percibir qué se puede amar en cualquiera, sin pre-requisitos.

Creo que muchos de esos que no pueden hallar su pareja del alma, saben en un nivel subconsciente los sacrificios de ego que deberían practicar, para poder atraer a una pareja del alma a sus vidas, y por eso es que evitan el encuentro.

Existe una gran cita que me gustaría compartir contigo, pues coincido plenamente con ella:

“El destino no es una cuestión de suerte, es una elección.
No se trata de algo por lo cual debemos esperar,
sino de algo que debemos conseguir”

William Jennings Bryan

Una pareja del alma, es una persona con la cual nos podemos comunicar desde el nivel más profundo. Cuando encuentres a una persona que es capaz de entibiar con su amor tus niveles más profundos, que simplemente ama lo que eres y no lo que haces. Entonces has encontrado tu pareja del alma.

Pero no todo el mundo se casa con una pareja del alma. Tu puedes encontrar tu pareja del alma y ser simplemente amigos, ya que en realidad, el alma se desinteresa tanto por el sexo como del casamiento, y todo lo que busca es alguien que te ayude a crecer, como solo otra alma que armonice contigo puede hacerlo.


Se que alrededor nuestro se ha desatado una búsqueda de LA PAREJA del alma que se parece a la búsqueda del santo grial, pero olvida esa idea, ya que no existe SOLO UNA pareja del alma sino ¡MUCHAS!

Y tú incluso puedes comenzar una relación de pareja del alma en esta vida, trabajando ambos sobre su ego, y todo lo que necesita aceptar es que ambos merecen ser amados por lo que son, que son diferentes, y que precisamente esa diferencia es lo que los ha atraído uno al otro.

Podría resultar terriblemente aburrido casarse con una fotocopia de sí mismo. Y no es tan terrible el poder aceptar que son uno diferente del otro, cuando también puedan darse cuenta que son diferentes DE TODOS LOS DEMAS, que ambos son únicos y que están destinados a ser felices juntos.

Si te encuentras sola o solo y te gustaría encontrar tu pareja del alma, una vez que te conviertas en la clase de persona que debes convertirte: auto suficiente, auto estimado y auto valorizado, entonces te abrirás y comenzarás a irradiar la energía que podrá atraer a tu pareja del alma.

Encontrar la pareja del alma parece ser uno de los pasatiempos de moda del momento. Pero aún si la encuentras, eso no garantiza que tendrás un buen matrimonio, los dos tendrán aún que trabajar sobre sus egos para hacer crecer la relación. Nadie encaja perfectamente con nadie desde un comienzo.

Y recuerda que esta vida es la vida pasada de tu futuro, tu puedes comenzar tu historia de amor aquí y ahora, y disfrutarla vida tras vida después de ahora. Empieza por transformarte en la pareja del alma de alguien, y entonces seguramente descubrirás que esa persona que tú amas, es también TU pareja del alma.

Si necesitas ayuda para hacerlo, puedes usar mi CD: Pareja Ya!: que es un CD credo para ayudarte a atraer a tu pareja del alma.

Escrito por el Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi